Iuri Lang Meira (Carazinho, RS, Brazil, 1994-) is an illustrator/designer based in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. His illustrations, be them editorial or kidlit, are based on a humorous take on human nature. Drawing digital - with brushes that aim to mimic oil pastels, colored pencils and watercolor - is his whole thing. He also dabbles in animation and comics.
His academic background is diverse. He graduated in Social Communication (Advertising) in 2014 at the University of Passo Fundo and in 2022 he finished his Art History undergrad at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (with a final honors thesis with distinction about the Otamatone). Even though these are different areas, he's found out that both of them perfectly intertwine with illustration and are of great value, having given him a great opportunity to enhance his research habilities, semiotic sense and visual repertoire.
I have a decade of experience working as an art assistant at a design firm and as a magazine art director, which taught me a lot about the ad and editorial side of the industry. At my last art direction job, I decided to focus in illustration, drawing covers and full page drawings for it. In both positions I had to work in collaboration with other people, which inspires me to do better, always. I'm excited to work with you next!
You can email him at ✉️ iurilangmeira@gmail.com✍️